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Know Your Test: Sputum

Sputum is a substance which is produced when the passage between mouth and lungs get irritated due to something such as smoke or air pollution. This is when your body makes sputum. It is also called phlegm. It is a substance that is produced from the chest when your lungs or airways are infected. When you cough continuously your body tries to get rid of that phlegm and it indicates that you might be suffering from some illness. In this case, doctor suggests you get a sputum culture test so that he can assure the reason behind the illness. [...]

Know Your Test: LFT

LFT means liver function tests. It is done to diagnose liver diseases or damage. LFT measures the levels of bilirubin, liver enzymes and proteins present in your blood. It is a group of blood test. There are some certain conditions in which liver functions test is prescribed by doctors such as; Liver infection, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Monitor the side effects of certain medications. Side effects of heavy alcohol drinking. If you already have a liver disease, to monitor the disease and how well a particular treatment is working. In case of any liver disorder. If you are already a patient of diabetes, high [...]

Know Your Test: KFT

KFT or kidney function test is performed to check the condition of your kidney. Kidneys perform an important function in our body. Their work is to filter waste material from the blood and remove them from our body through urine. They also help to control the level of water and various essential minerals in the body. Kidneys take part to produce vitamin D, hormones that regulate blood pressure, and red blood cells. Our body tells us if our kidneys are functioning well are not through some symptoms. High blood pressure, painful urination, blood in the urine, swelling of the [...]

Know Your Test: HBA1C

The HBA1C test is conducted to keep a record of the blood sugar level of a diabetic person. This test helps keep a track of average blood sugar level. For a diabetic person, this test is very necessary to conduct regularly to keep a close eye if their blood sugar level is staying within range. This is also used as a measure to diagnose diabetes. How it is conducted Our blood contains a type of protein haemoglobin and this test is conducted to know if the sugar or glucose presented in your blood is binding the haemoglobin in your blood cells [...]

Know Your Test: Fibroscan

It is very important to keep our liver healthy to lead a healthy life. Doctors suggest for a biopsy if a person feels abnormality related to liver. Fibro scan is another way to check liver condition. Fibroscan uses elastography, a technique similar to ultrasound that does not involve a needle, the risk of complication or pain. The main function of fibroscan is to measure the stiffness of the liver. It is an noninvasive and painless alternative to liver biopsy to look for liver damage from conditions such as cirrhosis or hepatitis C. Fibroscan provides more information about your liver disease, [...]

Know Your Test: Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a drug treatment, which is done by killing fast-growing cells in the body with the use of powerful chemicals. This treatment is generally used to treat cancer patients as cancer cells tend to grow and multiply at a much faster rate compared to most cells in our body. Chemotherapy is provided generally to cure the patient or may aim to increase life or reduce symptoms of the patient. Chemotherapy is used in the case of advanced-stage breast cancer, which helps to kill the cancer cell as much as possible. Each chemotherapy treatment can last a few hours [...]

How to Get RTPCR Covid-19 Test Done?

What is RTPCR for COVID? It is the mandatory lab test that helps in determining the virus infection of COVID-19. The test is designed to detect the SARS-CoV-2. It helps in providing a clear report whether the individual is suffering from COVID-19 or not. Why is RTPCR done? The test is done to determine the following: Individual suffering from or displaying influenza like symptoms withtravel history within 14 days. If anyone is suffering from such illness, then they should visit a lab for RTPCR test. Even healthcare workers, frontline workers and others who are working in close association with containment of COVID-19. Patients [...]

What is Bone Fracture & Ligament Tear

What is a bone fracture? In layman terms it is called breaking a bone, in medical term a crack or a bone breakage is known as a fracture that can occur in any bone within the body. Types of fractures A bone may break without damaging the surrounding tissue or without tissue tear termed as closed fracture. When the surrounding skin or tissues are damaged then it is called a compound fracture or an open fracture. What is a ligament tear? Ligament is a connecting tissue of bones, when there is a forceful impact on the joint then ligament tear takes place. Types [...]

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is related to the cervix that is the lower part of the uterus connecting the vagina. Any abnormal growth of the cells in that part of the body leads to cancer. Symptoms of cervical cancer Some common symptoms are: Unusual bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause. Abnormal smelly vaginal discharge that is different from the usual one. Pelvis pain that is sharp and distinct. Frequent urination and pain while urinating. Pain during sexual intercourse. Prevention As it is said that prevention is better than cure so, to do that it is recommended to [...]


Speech delay is common symptoms encountered on day to day basis in pediatric neurology clinic. It may be isolated or may be associated with unidentified autism. Following are some common querries about speech delay in children. What is the expected normal speech milestones? The following are the expected speech milestones in children: Cooing—2 months Babbling—5-6 months Single syllable like “ma”, “da”—8-9 months One word other than “dada” and “mama”—12 months 10 to 50 words used meaningfully—16–20 months Two-word phrases—20–24 months [...]

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