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Pain Management & Rehabilitation a New Approach in Managing Chronic Pain

Pain Management Rehabilitation is all about bringing relief to the sufferers of chronic pain through the advance, multi-disciplinary approach that helps bring it all under control. The service is designed as per the individual needs of the patient. Patients living or lived with chronic pain for years are treated and medically provided assistance regarding it. However, it is to be well noted that due to dependence on system and medications the quality of life of these patients deteriorate, and so pain management & rehabilitation. What is it all about? Focus is not just on symptoms, but providing betterment to the [...]

Advice by Apollo Doctors and health experts regarding who should not get vaccinated

Government officials and many Apollo doctors too agree upon the most crucial step of getting vaccinated and is providing vital information regarding who should not get the shot. It is essential that even though the drive is meant to help control the spread of COVID-19, but there are some exceptions regarding health conditions of individuals who should refrain from taking the shot. A list of all the possibilities that should clarify any concern for the public is issued by the government. Guidelines accepted by Apollo Doctors and issued by central government The following are the guidelines that are followed and [...]

Tips by a Cardiologist for Better Heart Health

The best way to avoid your frequent visits to a cardiologist is to take preventive steps towards your heart health. Leading cardiologists at Apollo suggest that even small changes made regularly to maintain good heart health can go a long way. It is not always necessary that you begin watching your heart health after a certain age, beginning young is the key. So, given here are a few valuable tips by Apollo cardiologist for better heart health. Tips Getting regular check-ups is essential as there are some subtle signs that can be detected early on preventing against serious illness. Cholesterol [...]

Why is it Better to Consult a Dermatologist over Cosmetologist?

The fields of dermatology and cosmetology are quite different. Dermatology is a medical field that requires many years of extensive education. Cosmetology requires a trade school education that may take less than one year. Both dermatologists and cosmetologists can help people improve their outer appearance. Dermatologists vs. Cosmetologists Dermatologists are physicians who specialize in treating skin, hair, nails, and mucus membranes. Cosmetologists are not physicians. They specialize in haircutting, hairstyling, and other beauty services. Dermatologist Dermatologists are primarily known for being physicians who treat the skin and other parts of the outer body. They may work in offices, clinics and hospitals and could [...]

When is the right time to visit ENT?

A GP or a general physician helps you with your basic health queries, but when it comes to matters that require a specialist you need to know when to consult one. For instance, an ENT or ear nose and throat specialist diagnoses a problem arising from any of these organs that is hard to self-detect. However, if you are wondering whether you or your loved one requires the attention of an ENT specialist then you should know some symptoms that may be common but should not be ignored. Symptoms not to be ignored Following symptoms may be common but these [...]

What to Expect on Your First Appointment with a Psychiatrist?

Mental health awareness is fast spreading among people these days especially with the wrath caused by the pandemic that has isolated people to their own dwellings. Being cut off from real human contact is something that has led to increased cases of depression and even suicidal tendencies. Mental illness leading to numerous physical conditions is a vicious cycle that can only be handled by a psychiatrist. However, even now people are not aware how to approach a psychiatrist or what to expect on their first appointment. Let us look at some of the pointers that will give you a [...]

What does your Physician wants you to know about COVID-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccines are already made available by the government at authorized centers and hospitals approved by the government. Even with this majority of population is still seeking answers to their questions regarding this vaccine. So, let us find out answers to some of the most pressing concerns. Should I get the vaccine if I am allergic/ history of chronic illness, breastfeeding mother or pregnant? It is not advisable for you to opt for this vaccine if you are under any of the above given conditions. Consult your doctor prior to opting for COVID-19 vaccine. Please do remember the vaccine is [...]

Preparing for Your First Oncology Appoint, Here’s What You Should Know

Consulting an oncologist is a stressful event for many, but if you are well-prepared in advance and know what should be done prior to meeting one, then the meeting goes smoothly. Where to begin? Following are some of the pointers that will help you: Bring a family member/ friend or an attendant with you to offer you help/ support at the time. This should be someone who can organize and carry all your medical records with you. Remember to bring all the medical papers, files and any tests along with the list of medications prescribed. What to expect? First appointment may last [...]

Importance of getting an Echocardiography

A healthy heart is equal to a healthy body and a prolonged life. For this you need to maintain your heart health and monitor it at regular intervals. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, so it is essential to note that echocardiography report plays an important part. Let us learn more about it to understand its importance, when should one go for it and why is it essential to get this test done on regular or prescribed basis. How often should I have an Echocardiogram? There are numerous guidelines related to it, however these cannot be [...]

How an Orthopaedic can help with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis or RA is a distressing condition related to the inflammation of joints followed by severe pain. Symptoms and signs during given periods are called flares other times it is called remission, the time when all the symptoms disappear completely. Due to different conditions and physical symptoms of the patient it is often difficult to diagnose it at an early stage. Symptoms of RA While RA symptoms may vary with different physical conditions and depending upon patient health, age and gender, but the following symptoms are common: Joint pain Joint swelling Joint stiffness Loss of joint function and deformities These symptoms may be common, [...]

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