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Best Gynecologists in Siliguri

Best Gynecologists in Siliguri


Dr. Tamami Chowdhury and Dr. Shirsha Maitra – Best Gynecologists in Siliguri

Going to the gynecologist can be a daunting experience for many women. It is normal to feel anxious about visiting a gynecologist with an unwanted pregnancy or other female problems that women commonly face. However, deciding not to go seek expert advice can be dangerous for your health and it is important to seek assistance immediately whenever you notice anything wrong with your body.

Dr. Tamami Chowdhury and Dr. Shirsha Maitra are two of the most experienced and capable gynecologists at Mahabir Doctor’s Hub, and they can help you understand your body and help you deal with gynecology-related ailments. They are fully capable of treating a wide range of female problems including vaginal infections, STDs, hormonal problems, irregular menstrual cycles and more.

If you seek assistance with birth control or want to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, our expert doctors at Mahabir Doctor’s Hub will offer you the right assistance discretely. Dr. Tamami Chowdhury and Dr. Shirsha Maitra are unbiased, and they are fully capable of offering assistance without making you physically or mentally uncomfortable in any way.


It is important to seek an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as you notice signs of pregnancy. Dr. Tamami Chowdhury and Dr. Shirsha Maitra can offer you the right support you need up until your childbirth or even assist you in dealing with unwanted pregnancy. Tests, sonograms and other medical procedures are available at Mahabir Doctor’s Hub to assist you throughout your journey of becoming a parent. An appointment with the doctors will help you understand pregnancy better and find out more about how you should be preparing yourself for the months to come.

Female Problems

There are a number of healthcare problems that are female specific including PCOs, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. It is important to seek the right assistance as the problems are not necessarily tied to age. From teenagers to the elderly, a number of female-specific problems can happen at any age, and we at Mahabir Doctor’s Hub are fully capable of helping you with them.


Unwanted pregnancy can be avoided in a number of ways, and it is important to have the right professional opinions instead of relying on over-the-counter contraceptive. Dr. Tamami Chowdhury and Dr. Shirsha Maitra can offer you insight on what will work well for your body and what won’t. Choosing the wrong contraceptive type or improper usage can lead to problems, and our professional gynecologists can address any unwanted pregnancies or contraception-related problems effectively.

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